Happy Holidays?

Wow, I just realized that I haven’t blogged in AGES. So much has happened since Thanksgiving and now we are already over 2 weeks into 2012. Because it’s been so long, I have a couple different topics to cover so bear with me but I hope you all had a great holiday season! 

While on the subject of holidays- did anyone have a white Christmas this year because the lack of snow across the country is kind of insane. Granted winter 2011 proved to be among the snowiest seasons ever, but 2012 is pretty much a draught. South Lake Tahoe has received NOTHING all season- unbelievable! I was snowshoeing in Colorado for New Years- let me correct that, I tried to snowshoe, but ended up not needing any sort of floatation for walking on the snow. What is on the ground is hard packed. Many resorts around the nation are only partially open for skiers, and while the snowiest time of the year is still to come, it’s still concerning. 

If you are interested, click here to check out the 5 Most Snow-Starved Locations in the country according to weather.com.  

Even without tons of snow, temperatures were cold on New Years, and I absolutely love the mountains, so a trip there is always worth it! I’ll post from photos from the trip shortly, I hope you enjoy.  

(for a completely new train of thought)

Ok, so lately I have been pondering the topic of long distance relationships. It is no secret that the internet has made the planet a much smaller place and dating is no exception to the modern world. Like many other 20something singles, I subscribe to match.com and recently I have met someone who seems amazing. Great conversation, ridiculous amounts of interests in common, attractive, personable, I could go on… the only thing, not local. Not only out of town, but out of state. So, I guess I have pondering to do… have you had an experience with a long distance relationship? Challenges? Any benefits to starting out long distance that you can think of? I sure would be interested to hear from others. 

 Hopefully I’ll have more time now that the new year is settling in to blog more often. 

As always, 

Namaste, Matthew



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