Outdoor Retailer Summer 2015

I was sitting at an adventure photography workshop last fall getting inspiration and learning new ways to market myself and my photography business and all I kept hearing was, GO TO OR, you MUST go to OR, you won’t regret it… Well here I am, almost a year later, the day before arriving in Salt Lake City for 2015’s Summer Outdoor Retailer trade show.

First, I have to say that I can’t even believe that I am going to OR. I have been following it for years from the outside, each show watching the twitterverse blow up with outdoor industry excitement. So, the fact that I am even writing this is surreal.

For the past couple weeks I have been working on projects like a crazy man trying to prepare for this event. I’ve been working on a special OR webpage on my site, OR marketing materials (which I’ve uploaded here for your viewing pleasure), and trying to blow my social media channels to engage in the conversation, network, and plan events to partake in at OR. Special shout out here to my dear friends John and Tiffany for letting me bounce ideas off of them and providing their input and expertise.

The best piece of advice I’ve seen about OR can be summarized as stay hydrated (and ready to drink beer), wear comfortable walking shoes, and be prepared for something awesome to happen. Well, I am not short on water bottles, 5x5.Square.front2.finalhave some badass new shoes (thanks Ryan and Ani for putting up with me in our shopping endeavors over two days…), and am ready for something awesome to happen.

Looking forward to reporting back in a few days about the experience and everything that I’ve been able to learn! Here’s to new friends, acquaintances and hopefully some new connections and opportunities for Matthewbe Photography!