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Three years ago I posed a question to several friends and asked what they thought I should do as a career as I had been growing increasingly bored in corporate America. Not really to much surprise, most people said photographer. I wrote a blog about this (not that far down) called Looking Forward, where I talked a little about my love of photography and how I hadn’t ever given it much thought as a career, among some other topics. Over these past years, I’ve been slowly working on a career change and am finally getting all the ducks in a row. I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to Matthewbe Photography!

Matthewbe Photography is an adventure photography studio based in Denver, Colorado that travels with you to capture your lifestyle. Whether your adventure is in the great outdoors, the yoga studio or just an active lifestyle in the city, Matthewbe Photography is here to document your unique place in this world. The essence of YOU and your place in this amazing world. (Of course if you want portraits inside, we can work that out too!)

For more information on Matthewbe Photography, please click on over to, or if you found this post from the blog link, thanks for checking out my page. Feel free to email me directly at or send me your information via the contact page on the website, I’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for upcoming posts that I will release that dive into the details of my new business directly. 

Looking forward to getting into the field with you and documenting adventure, your way. 

Happy Trails and Namaste, 


Happy Holidays?

Wow, I just realized that I haven’t blogged in AGES. So much has happened since Thanksgiving and now we are already over 2 weeks into 2012. Because it’s been so long, I have a couple different topics to cover so bear with me but I hope you all had a great holiday season! 

While on the subject of holidays- did anyone have a white Christmas this year because the lack of snow across the country is kind of insane. Granted winter 2011 proved to be among the snowiest seasons ever, but 2012 is pretty much a draught. South Lake Tahoe has received NOTHING all season- unbelievable! I was snowshoeing in Colorado for New Years- let me correct that, I tried to snowshoe, but ended up not needing any sort of floatation for walking on the snow. What is on the ground is hard packed. Many resorts around the nation are only partially open for skiers, and while the snowiest time of the year is still to come, it’s still concerning. 

If you are interested, click here to check out the 5 Most Snow-Starved Locations in the country according to  

Even without tons of snow, temperatures were cold on New Years, and I absolutely love the mountains, so a trip there is always worth it! I’ll post from photos from the trip shortly, I hope you enjoy.  

(for a completely new train of thought)

Ok, so lately I have been pondering the topic of long distance relationships. It is no secret that the internet has made the planet a much smaller place and dating is no exception to the modern world. Like many other 20something singles, I subscribe to and recently I have met someone who seems amazing. Great conversation, ridiculous amounts of interests in common, attractive, personable, I could go on… the only thing, not local. Not only out of town, but out of state. So, I guess I have pondering to do… have you had an experience with a long distance relationship? Challenges? Any benefits to starting out long distance that you can think of? I sure would be interested to hear from others. 

 Hopefully I’ll have more time now that the new year is settling in to blog more often. 

As always, 

Namaste, Matthew


TCU Frogs for the Cure Video

In 2005, while still a student at TCU, I went to a football game against BYU with my grandparents. It was the first Frogs for the Cure event in which all TCU fans wore pink to the football game instead of purple in support of breast cancer survivors and in loving memory of those whose lives have been taken by this terrible disease.

At the time, I was very proud that my university took such a strong stand in support of breast cancer, and Susan G Komen. It became very real a couple of years later when my grandmother was diagnosed. Every time I think about TCU and everything they do to support the Horned Frog community, the city of Fort Worth and the nation, it brings tears to my eyes. TCU was supporting my family as well. Survivors are asked to come join others on the field every year at halftime in the shape of the pink ribbon.

That original event has turned into a major event that spans several sports and includes year-round activities.

Now, TCU is looking for your help to raise awareness. If the YouTube video reaches 100,000 views then the Frogs 4 the Cure will get to the Today Show to talk about how other universities can do the same.

We appreciate your help!


Ansel Adams Gallery Contest

Hey everyone-

So, I entered some of my photos into a contest at The Ansel Adams Gallery- phase 1 voting is underway through the end of November and I sure would appreciate your votes so my photo(s) can make it to the judging phase!

Please take a look if you have time at

Once you get there, first click “view photos already submitted.” My 3 photos are on pages 6 and 7(recently added). On page 6 you will find Up close, Upper Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Love and Light, and then on page 7 you’ll see Full Moon Climbing.

I sure appreciate it, and if you like, please share with your friends!

Namaste, Matthew

Turkey Day Alternative

Are you looking for something a little unique this Thanksgiving break? Over the past few years, my family has spent this holiday in the great outdoors- seeking something new every year when possible. And, just because you are camping does not mean you don’t get great food!

Last year was the “Top O’ Texas, Thanksgiving Extravaganza” at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. We left out of work and drove late into the night to make the 10 hour trek to the opposite side of the state. It always amazes me that you can spend that much time in the car and STILL be in Texas. Anyway, we hiked, camped and climbed to the top of Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet above sea level. After making it safely back down, we cooked Thanksgiving Dinner, then rested up for another 2 days of great hiking in McKittrick Canyon. By the way, if you have never hiked in McKittrick Canyon, it is an absolute must, especially in autumn with it’s amazing fall colors. You would never believe that you are in desert, Texas.

Another year was “River Running Spectacular,” kayaking and canoeing on the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Beautiful scenery and on Thanksgiving day I had one of the most amazing experiences to date in the outdoors. As I was casually paddling in a slow section of the river, a Bald Eagle landed on an overhanging tree just downstream from me and remained there as I passed not 10 feet underneath him. The intensity in his eyes as we watched each other, in the wild, on a day in which we give thanks, was absolutely incredible! I will never forget it.

Not every year has been as epic. Often times we travel to our favorite place, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. This park is so much fun, so many different activities and not too far away from home. This is where the biggest outdoor Thanksgiving meals have always been prepared because of our established camp. It’s not difficult either, and if you have never tried it, corned bread dressing is amazing in a dutch oven. 🙂

As the holiday approaches, I need to decide where the destination will be this year. I am not sure if I will go with old faithful, or check out some place new. will no doubt be a factor in my decision. Western Arkansas- the Ouachita Mountains are at the top of the list as I haven’t explored that area much. As you know, I am always up for a new adventure and these mountains have my name written all over them! Great trails and just far enough from home to truly get away.  Check out this photo of the Ouachita National Forest, absolutely beautiful, from the Forest Service!

One thing that I know is that no matter where the destination, an outdoor Thanksgiving always turns out amazing! I don’t know any better way to appreciate the world and all that I am thankful for than to be outside enjoying life.

Happy Holidays!



First, let me just say that I cannot believe we are halfway through November. It seems as New Years 2011 was just a few days ago and I was watching my TCU Frogs beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl! Good Memories.

Upon thinking about it, there are several reasons this year has passed at a sprinters pace and it all comes down to running around like crazy all year. Busy in such a good way though because I have seen many amazing places from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the 14,000+ mountain tops in Colorado, to standing atop the tallest waterfall in North America- Yosemite Falls.

The past several weeks have seen my attention on two main projects which have both been very exciting, yet very challenging. As you may know, photography is a great passion of mine and so when I return from my many adventures, I like to share the best of the best photos. While Facebook and other social media are great ways to achieve this, I had been wanting my own web-gallery for some time. The thing here is that I am not a computer genius by any means so creating a website proved to be a great learning opportunity. Content and design were no issue, but translating that into web code was an entirely new and often times frustrating experience. But, it’s done, so please check out and let me know what you think!

My second project has also been a lot of fun, but a part of it was very difficult for me and I can’t quite figure out why. My favorite outfitter, Backwoods, is having a contest that they call The Ultimate Outsider and I am entering to prove that I am that person! The prizes are pretty amazing, but I honestly would love the title because I really do love adventure of all kinds an helping others seek excitement in their lives. In order to create an entry that stands out, I decided to make a video… the meat of which is a photo montage of my many adventures showing me and others in the great outdoors. But starting and ending the video is where I had a big challenge because I do not like being on camera. After many tries, I finally have it finished, so check it out as well. I like it, but I wish I was more comfortable on camera because I could potentially have made something really cool for this. Here it is:

For now, I’m happy and let’s hope the judges like it too. Maybe one of these day’s I’ll have more confidence on camera; I welcome that day! At least I can say that I have overcome my latest challenges and both my website and Ultimate Outsider video are uploaded online, and live. Woohoo!

Hope you had a great start to your week. Namaste, Matthew

Looking Forward

A couple of days ago I was frustrated at work and decided to post a Facebook comment asking: “What do you think would be the perfect career for me? I’m curious to see what others think… :)” As with any group of friends, there were a handful of comical responses that ranged from Dog Trainer (as everyone knows I am very canine friendly) to Elk Breeder in Estes Park, to opening a brothel in Vegas. This particular friend made sure to comment that at least Las Vegas is close to many great areas that I could play outdoors.

Most people’s recommendations had something to do with the outdoors- many suggested being a Park Ranger, and being a spokesman for Smokey the Bear. I must say this one is a play off of my elementary school years when my third grade teacher nicknamed me Teddy because I was a cuddly child. At the time I hated it, but as I grew older I realized that it wasn’t all that bad for someone to see me as a kind hearted friend. But I digress. I enjoyed my cousin’s suggestion… Executive or CEO of an outdoor company. Now that is something I would definitely love!

The two final suggestions I also appreciated, the first of which was becoming a photographer. I have always loved this as an art, and pursued it as a serious hobby but had never given it much thought professionally. I would love it though. The last suggestion was either a recruiter or trainer. This came out of the blue, but in many ways it makes sense because I am very passionate about people. Especially teaching and sharing my experiences and expertise or finding ways to engage people through social media and events. Maybe combine these and become a guide and teach people the outdoors?

Who knows what the future will hold for me, but whatever it is I look forward to it and certainly love a good challenge. After all, I excel under pressure. As always I look forward to any insight you have, and speaking of social media, if you would like to connect, then Facebook me or follow me on Twitter (info in about me section)!

Namaste, Matthew