New Toys For A Weekend Of Fun

I’ve always been the instant gratification type. I typically don’t like to wait around for something that I’ve ordered; if I’ve paid for it, I want to be able to play with it… now! In fact, I rarely purchase items online if I can find them locally, for this reason. However there are times when it’s necessary and I had been wanting a lens that isn’t very common, and I reluctantly placed the order online. So when my new wide angle lens, the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, arrived last Friday, I couldn’t wait to get it out in the field and play with it. This isn’t a review of the lens (if you would to read on the specs, click over to B&H here), but rather a quick entry on a fun weekend, filled with laughter, camping, stars and night photography with my new lens.


A photographers best friend is light, so photographing night scenes comes with a few special challenges as there is very low light available. But the rewards are often great, with beautiful shots of the moon, stars and milky way. There are a few rules that must be followed, and I won’t bore you with those, but with this 14mm f/2.8 lens and an exposure time of 30 seconds, I did manage to get a few shots that I enjoy. I only had a few minutes to shoot the stars as the moon came out pretty early which made all but the brightest stars disappear, so I cannot wait to get back out and set up some additional scenes. But I wanted to share what I was able to capture so far! I hope you enjoy these.



Have a great start to your week!