New Toys For A Weekend Of Fun

I’ve always been the instant gratification type. I typically don’t like to wait around for something that I’ve ordered; if I’ve paid for it, I want to be able to play with it… now! In fact, I rarely purchase items online if I can find them locally, for this reason. However there are times when it’s necessary and I had been wanting a lens that isn’t very common, and I reluctantly placed the order online. So when my new wide angle lens, the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, arrived last Friday, I couldn’t wait to get it out in the field and play with it. This isn’t a review of the lens (if you would to read on the specs, click over to B&H here), but rather a quick entry on a fun weekend, filled with laughter, camping, stars and night photography with my new lens.


A photographers best friend is light, so photographing night scenes comes with a few special challenges as there is very low light available. But the rewards are often great, with beautiful shots of the moon, stars and milky way. There are a few rules that must be followed, and I won’t bore you with those, but with this 14mm f/2.8 lens and an exposure time of 30 seconds, I did manage to get a few shots that I enjoy. I only had a few minutes to shoot the stars as the moon came out pretty early which made all but the brightest stars disappear, so I cannot wait to get back out and set up some additional scenes. But I wanted to share what I was able to capture so far! I hope you enjoy these.



Have a great start to your week!



Turkey Day Alternative

Are you looking for something a little unique this Thanksgiving break? Over the past few years, my family has spent this holiday in the great outdoors- seeking something new every year when possible. And, just because you are camping does not mean you don’t get great food!

Last year was the “Top O’ Texas, Thanksgiving Extravaganza” at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. We left out of work and drove late into the night to make the 10 hour trek to the opposite side of the state. It always amazes me that you can spend that much time in the car and STILL be in Texas. Anyway, we hiked, camped and climbed to the top of Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet above sea level. After making it safely back down, we cooked Thanksgiving Dinner, then rested up for another 2 days of great hiking in McKittrick Canyon. By the way, if you have never hiked in McKittrick Canyon, it is an absolute must, especially in autumn with it’s amazing fall colors. You would never believe that you are in desert, Texas.

Another year was “River Running Spectacular,” kayaking and canoeing on the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Beautiful scenery and on Thanksgiving day I had one of the most amazing experiences to date in the outdoors. As I was casually paddling in a slow section of the river, a Bald Eagle landed on an overhanging tree just downstream from me and remained there as I passed not 10 feet underneath him. The intensity in his eyes as we watched each other, in the wild, on a day in which we give thanks, was absolutely incredible! I will never forget it.

Not every year has been as epic. Often times we travel to our favorite place, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. This park is so much fun, so many different activities and not too far away from home. This is where the biggest outdoor Thanksgiving meals have always been prepared because of our established camp. It’s not difficult either, and if you have never tried it, corned bread dressing is amazing in a dutch oven. 🙂

As the holiday approaches, I need to decide where the destination will be this year. I am not sure if I will go with old faithful, or check out some place new. will no doubt be a factor in my decision. Western Arkansas- the Ouachita Mountains are at the top of the list as I haven’t explored that area much. As you know, I am always up for a new adventure and these mountains have my name written all over them! Great trails and just far enough from home to truly get away.  Check out this photo of the Ouachita National Forest, absolutely beautiful, from the Forest Service!

One thing that I know is that no matter where the destination, an outdoor Thanksgiving always turns out amazing! I don’t know any better way to appreciate the world and all that I am thankful for than to be outside enjoying life.

Happy Holidays!