First, let me just say that I cannot believe we are halfway through November. It seems as New Years 2011 was just a few days ago and I was watching my TCU Frogs beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl! Good Memories.

Upon thinking about it, there are several reasons this year has passed at a sprinters pace and it all comes down to running around like crazy all year. Busy in such a good way though because I have seen many amazing places from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the 14,000+ mountain tops in Colorado, to standing atop the tallest waterfall in North America- Yosemite Falls.

The past several weeks have seen my attention on two main projects which have both been very exciting, yet very challenging. As you may know, photography is a great passion of mine and so when I return from my many adventures, I like to share the best of the best photos. While Facebook and other social media are great ways to achieve this, I had been wanting my own web-gallery for some time. The thing here is that I am not a computer genius by any means so creating a website proved to be a great learning opportunity. Content and design were no issue, but translating that into web code was an entirely new and often times frustrating experience. But, it’s done, so please check out and let me know what you think!

My second project has also been a lot of fun, but a part of it was very difficult for me and I can’t quite figure out why. My favorite outfitter, Backwoods, is having a contest that they call The Ultimate Outsider and I am entering to prove that I am that person! The prizes are pretty amazing, but I honestly would love the title because I really do love adventure of all kinds an helping others seek excitement in their lives. In order to create an entry that stands out, I decided to make a video… the meat of which is a photo montage of my many adventures showing me and others in the great outdoors. But starting and ending the video is where I had a big challenge because I do not like being on camera. After many tries, I finally have it finished, so check it out as well. I like it, but I wish I was more comfortable on camera because I could potentially have made something really cool for this. Here it is:

For now, I’m happy and let’s hope the judges like it too. Maybe one of these day’s I’ll have more confidence on camera; I welcome that day! At least I can say that I have overcome my latest challenges and both my website and Ultimate Outsider video are uploaded online, and live. Woohoo!

Hope you had a great start to your week. Namaste, Matthew