The Universe Is Always On Our Side

“Hey, have you ever had any yoga portraits taken, Sarah?” I inquired one day after she lead a butt-kicking yoga class. With a big smile, “I have thought about it, but not yet…” Sarah responded.

When I asked if she would be interested in a yoga portrait shoot, Sarah jumped at the opportunity and we agreed that we would have an absolute blast. You see, Sarah Shafer is one of those people will incredible energy, full of life and laughter, and I was absolutely stoked to get the chance to photograph her beautiful yoga practice.

Over the next few weeks we tried to get a time set, but for one reason or another, challenge after challenge kept preventing our shoot. Eventually we got the date set for a Friday afternoon portrait session, outdoors in a wheat field, with the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop, and I couldn’t wait to get out there.

Two days before the session I checked the forecast and was horrified when I saw that there was a 70% chance of thunderstorms for Friday… surely, after all the time spent to get to this week, the universe wouldn’t shut us out. Friday afternoon came, and when I looked out the window towards our location, all I saw were rain clouds as dark and ominous as any I had seen. At that exact moment I got a message from Sarah, “Should we go for it? It looks pretty nasty outside, but I’m game if you are!”

There was no way we weren’t doing this and we decided to take the adventure, against the odds, and figured that if nothing else, we could always just go have a glass of wine. Driving to the spot was rainy, windy, and I think even a bit of hail dropped from the sky; the universe was trying to scare us away, but we pressed on, and I could not be happier that we did!

Knowing this was an outdoor shoot and that we wanted to be shooting right at “golden hour,” we had scheduled some buffer time, which I have learned is always crucial for success. It drizzled on us for 30 minutes or so, then all of a sudden the atmosphere decided to cooperate and the weather moved away. Over the next 45 minutes, the sky kept getting better, provided a vibrant double rainbow, and culminated with one of the most amazing sunsets that I have seen in Colorado.

So glad we didn’t cancel that day… I hope you enjoy some of the shots from Sarah’s yoga portrait session and that Friday adventure.

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Greetings from MatthewBE Photography!


Three years ago I posed a question to several friends and asked what they thought I should do as a career as I had been growing increasingly bored in corporate America. Not really to much surprise, most people said photographer. I wrote a blog about this (not that far down) called Looking Forward, where I talked a little about my love of photography and how I hadn’t ever given it much thought as a career, among some other topics. Over these past years, I’ve been slowly working on a career change and am finally getting all the ducks in a row. I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to Matthewbe Photography!

Matthewbe Photography is an adventure photography studio based in Denver, Colorado that travels with you to capture your lifestyle. Whether your adventure is in the great outdoors, the yoga studio or just an active lifestyle in the city, Matthewbe Photography is here to document your unique place in this world. The essence of YOU and your place in this amazing world. (Of course if you want portraits inside, we can work that out too!)

For more information on Matthewbe Photography, please click on over to, or if you found this post from the blog link, thanks for checking out my page. Feel free to email me directly at or send me your information via the contact page on the website, I’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for upcoming posts that I will release that dive into the details of my new business directly. 

Looking forward to getting into the field with you and documenting adventure, your way. 

Happy Trails and Namaste,