Looking Forward

A couple of days ago I was frustrated at work and decided to post a Facebook comment asking: “What do you think would be the perfect career for me? I’m curious to see what others think… :)” As with any group of friends, there were a handful of comical responses that ranged from Dog Trainer (as everyone knows I am very canine friendly) to Elk Breeder in Estes Park, to opening a brothel in Vegas. This particular friend made sure to comment that at least Las Vegas is close to many great areas that I could play outdoors.

Most people’s recommendations had something to do with the outdoors- many suggested being a Park Ranger, and being a spokesman for Smokey the Bear. I must say this one is a play off of my elementary school years when my third grade teacher nicknamed me Teddy because I was a cuddly child. At the time I hated it, but as I grew older I realized that it wasn’t all that bad for someone to see me as a kind hearted friend. But I digress. I enjoyed my cousin’s suggestion… Executive or CEO of an outdoor company. Now that is something I would definitely love!

The two final suggestions I also appreciated, the first of which was becoming a photographer. I have always loved this as an art, and pursued it as a serious hobby but had never given it much thought professionally. I would love it though. The last suggestion was either a recruiter or trainer. This came out of the blue, but in many ways it makes sense because I am very passionate about people. Especially teaching and sharing my experiences and expertise or finding ways to engage people through social media and events. Maybe combine these and become a guide and teach people the outdoors?

Who knows what the future will hold for me, but whatever it is I look forward to it and certainly love a good challenge. After all, I excel under pressure. As always I look forward to any insight you have, and speaking of social media, if you would like to connect, then Facebook me or follow me on Twitter (info in about me section)!

Namaste, Matthew